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Welcome to Podyoke', the World of Peaple!

Podyoke' are similar characters.

Similar Pea'ple in a pod will yoke together. Which of the five characters above is not a Podyoke' to the other four? Their characteristics and answer is below.

Podyoke' Pea'ple are individual characters.

Which of the three characters above does not match the other two? Pea'ple are individually different but share similar behaviors. Their characteristics and answer is below.

Podyoke' Pea'ple wall portrait characters.

These are a special design for Michelles choice.

Podyoke' Pea'ple Jumble (not a game yet)

Creative characters for creative phrases.

Answer 1 for Above...

Answer: Bleeppea is the one character that does not Podyoke' with the other four.

  • Sharppea is a sharp talker, enjoys sprucing up, reacts sharply and a blacksmith sharpening things.
  • Pomppea enjoys ceremonial splendor with boastful vain display.
  • Primppea enjoys grooming and looking cool with elaborate care.
  • Foppea is concerned about appearances and fashions.
  • Bleeppea enjoys sounding off warnings. Note: A sharp bleep would yoke with Sharppea.

Answer 2 for Above...

Answer: Mugwumppea is the one character that does not Podyoke' with the other two.

  • Worshippea enjoys gatherings to celebrate orderly activities with adoration and loyalty.
  • Trooppea is orderly in groups and social units protecting with loyalty.
  • Mugwumppea is an independent thinker, neutral, uncommitted politician and fence sitter.

Podyoke' is a coupling of two or more Pea'ple in a group. A joining, gathering or unity of the same or familiar Pea'ple. It can be burdensome with mismatched Podyoke' Pea'ple, or relief of the same kind of Podyoke' Pea'ple.

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